ServSafe - Alcohol Instructor Resources

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servsafe alcohol instructor resources

The National Restaurant Association offers supplemental materials to help you teach and administer your ServSafe Alcohol courses and examinations. All materials reflect the most current alcohol safety information available.

3rd Edition Change Document ServSafe Alcohol changes from the 2nd Edition to the 3rd Edition
2 Practice Tests Two 40 question ServSafe Alcohol 3rd Edition Practice Tests for instructors to use in the class
Calculating Guest Age ServSafe Alcohol tool for calculating guest age
Counting Drinks ServSafe Alcohol tool for counting drinks
BAC Chart ServSafe Alcohol Blood Alcohol Chart
Glossary Glossary of terms for the ServSafe Alcohol course

The 3rd Edition ServSafe Alcohol PowerPoint presentations now include embedded video and can be found here.

Several states require that supplemental information, and in some cases, a state-specific quiz be administered during a responsible alcohol service class. Access these additional resources to assist in administering your ServSafe Alcohol classes.

State Supplements and Quizzes State-specific supplemental information and quizzes that must be administered during a responsible alcohol service class.
State Implementation Guides State-specific requirements that must be met to successfully implement ServSafe Alcohol.