ServSafe - Logo Trademark and Copyright Permissions Request

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Logo, Trademark, and Copyright Permissions Request

To use the ServSafe® logo on your teaching or informational materials you must first receive written permission from the National Restaurant Association.


In general, permission is not required to use wordmarks, but there are limitations.  For specific information on whether your intended use of a wordmark is permitted, send an email to


Certified ServSafe Instructors, Registered ServSafe Proctors and approved third parties, who have received written permission, are allowed to use a limited category of logos in the promotion of their training classes to the general public.  Additionally, a ServSafe logo specifically for use on social media profile and event pages (i.e. Facebook) has been developed.  Individuals must request permission to use any logo by printing and completing the Trademark Permission Request Form and emailing it to or faxing it to 312-566-9729.

Copyright Permission Requests

All of the teaching and informational materials created by the National Restaurant Association are protected by copyright.  As a result, any duplication, distribution, alteration, downloading or uploading of this material is prohibited without explicit written permission.
To request permission to use copyright protected material or obtain material in an alternative format, print and complete the Copyright Permission Request Form and email it to or fax it to 312-566-9729.

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