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ServSafe® Instr Basic CD 4th Ed Chinese


ServSafe® Instr Basic CD 4th Ed Chinese


The basics at your fingertips! With a new auto-launch menu to make materials easy to navigate, this Chinese CD-ROM includes the customizable ServSafe Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, Food Safety Showdown! game, a comprehensive list of fourth edition content changes and FDA Food Code updates, and additional instructor resources to make your job easier.

Lessons are translated into Mandarin using traditional characters.

System Requirements:
Intel® Pentium® processor (233MHz or higher or compatible); Microsoft Windows® 98 or higher and at least 32MB RAM (64MB recommended) (Windows NT requires Service Pack 6); CD-ROM drive; Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 or higher; Adobe Reader 7.0 (included on this CD-ROM); Projection system, sound card and speakers recommended for using Food Safety Showdown! Game – Interactive version. ® Windows, PowerPoint and NT are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.