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ServSafe® Instr Basic CD,4th Ed. Korean


ServSafe® Instr Basic CD,4th Ed. Korean


The basics at your fingertips! With a new auto-launch menu to make materials easy to navigate, this Korean CD-ROM includes the customizable ServSafe Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, Food Safety Showdown! game, a comprehensive list of fourth edition content changes and FDA Food Code updates, and additional instructor resources to make your job easier.

Requirements: Intel® Pentium® processor (233MHz or higher or compatible); Microsoft Windows® 98 or higher and at least 32MB RAM (64MB recommended) (Windows NT requires Service Pack 6); CD-ROM drive; Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 or higher; Adobe Reader 7.0 (included on this CD-ROM); Projection system, sound card and speakers recommended for using Food Safety Showdown! Game – Interactive version. ® Windows, PowerPoint and NT are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.