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ServSafe® Mgr Certification Online Exam Voucher

ServSafe® Mgr Certification Online Exam Voucher


Product Code: SSEOC

The ServSafe® Certification Exam is available online in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Each printed Online Exam Voucher is mailed to the purchaser and includes an "Exam Access Code" which is a unique, one-time use number that the examinee must enter into the computer to access the exam. Only Registered ServSafe Instructors or Proctors may administer the ServSafe Online Exam. Either proctors or examinees may purchase Online Exam Vouchers with and Exam Access Code.

Purchase of the ServSafe Online Exam Voucher also includes administration, processing and a ServSafe certificate upon successful completion of the exam.

IMPORTANT: Exam Access Codes are NOT refundable. You MUST have a registered ServSafe Instructor or Proctor administer the exam. You may not administer the exam to yourself. The Exam Proctor will need to be physically present to administer an exam. If you do not have a proctor, you can find one here. Proctors found through our website will charge a proctoring fee to proctor an exam.

BEFORE PURCHASING: check with your state restaurant association, local health department or community college with a culinary or hospitality program to find out if a proctored online exam site is available in your area. Also read regulatory requirements to ensure the online exam is accepted in your area.