ServSafe Alcohol® Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Alcohol Law and Your Responsibility

  • Your Responsibility as a Seller or Server of Alcohol
  • The Role of the Liquor Authority
  • Laws Restricting Alcohol Service

Chapter 2: Recognizing and Preventing Intoxication

  • Alcohol and the Body
  • Assessing a Guest's Level of Intoxication
  • Preventing Guests from Becoming Intoxicated

Chapter 3: Checking Identification

  • Acceptable Forms of Identification
  • Verifying Identification
  • When to Check IDs
  • The Proper Procedure for Checking IDs
  • Using ID Readers
  • Dealing with a Fake ID

Chapter 4: Handling Difficult Situations

  • Handling Intoxicated Guests
  • Handling Potentially Violent Situations
  • Handling Illegal Activities
  • Documenting Incidents