Announcing the NEW ServSafe® 6th Edition

    Minimize risk and maximize protection with the latest edition

    • Optimized for better teaching and learning
    • Focused on relevant information
    • Created for the changing needs of the food industry
    • Developed by the industry for the industry
    • Recognized as the industry standard

    ServSafe® 6th Edition

    The ServSafe 6th Edition contains the latest FDA Food Code updates and is based on a new job task analysis developed exclusively by industry experts. The book focuses intently on the preventative measures to keep food safe, leading to stronger food safety practices and a better trained workforce.  The ServSafe 6th Edition will be available in phases:

    Product Launch
    ServSafe Manager Book (Formerly Essentials) with Exam Answer Sheet April 5 ESX6 978-1-58280-299-2
    ServSafe Manager Book without Exam Answer Sheet April 5 ES6 978-1-58280-298-5
    ServSafe Manager Book with Online Exam Voucher April 5 ESV6 978-1-58280-300-5
    ServSafe Food Protection Manager Examination April 1    
    ServSafe Instructor Materials Mid-April    
    ServSafe Manager Coursebook with Exam Answer Sheet May CBX6 978-1-58280-302-9
    ServSafe Manager Coursebook without Exam Answer Sheet May CB6 978-1-58280-302-1
    ServSafe Manager Coursebook with Online Exam Voucher May CBV6 978-1-58280-303-6
    ServSafe Manager Online Course June SSMCT6  
    ServSafe Manager Book with Exam Answer Sheet, Spanish June ESX6SP 978-1-58280-305-0
    ServSafe Manager Book without Exam Answer Sheet, Spanish June ES6SP 978-1-58280-304-3
    ServSafe Videos (updated to reflect new JTA and food code) TBD    


    ServSafe Instructors Materials

    Certified ServSafe Instructors are encouraged to take advantage of several tools available in Instructor Tools to assist with utilizing the ServSafe 6th Edition.

    Transition Resources

    If you are currently using the ServSafe 5th Edition, students should review the FDA Food Code updates and become familiar with this content as it is important food safety practices regardless of edition. This information may appear on the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam starting April 2012.