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SSA Proctored RETEST Exam


SSA Proctored RETEST Exam


Product: ServSafe Alcohol® Proctored Online Exam
Exam Type: Online Exam (RE-TEST ONLY)
Quantity: Single Online Exam
Product Sku: SSAAOE

This is a retest option for participants who scored less than 80% on the ServSafe Alcohol Proctored Online Course and Exam ONLY. If you have not completed the ServSafe Alcohol Proctored Online Course, the system will not allow you to take the exam only.

The ServSafe Alcohol Proctored Online RETEST Exam requires a certified ServSafe Proctor to administer the exam. Find out if you can take the ServSafe Alcohol Primary Online RETEST Exam (without a proctor) in your state.

All purchases are final. Before purchasing, review technical requirements and please read all information below.

Once the course is started, the participant must stay logged in. The participant will be automatically logged out of the exam if the computer is idle for more than 20 minutes. At this time a new retest will need to be purchased.