Texas FoodGuard Overview

The ServSafe FoodGuard training and exam program is a complete solution that delivers consistent food safety training to managers.

FoodGuard Online Course and Texas Certificate Examination

  • Highly interactive course covers critical food safety information.
  • Online tracking capability allows the training status of employees assigned to the course to be viewed.
  • Course Length: Approximately 7 - 9 hours.
Reasons to Choose the FoodGuard Program
  • Proven Online Training
    • Common workforce language -- makes food safety information easy to comprehend and retain.
    • Visual cues -- such as a red Red X and a green Green Check help learners instantly identify right and wrong practices.
    • Real-World Scenarios -- help learners apply classroom lessons to the work environment.
    • Available in English and Spanish.
  • Covers Key Food Safety Areas -- Basic Food Safety, Personal Hygiene, Cross-contamination & Allergens, Time & Temperature, and Cleaning & Sanitation.
  • Food Code Information -- Based on the 2007 Supplement to the 2005 FDA Food Code update and a recent employee job task analysis.
  • Certificate of Achievement -- Fill out or print a FoodGuard Certificate of Achievement after passing the assessment.