Alabama State Food Safety Requirement Summary


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Servsafe approvalYes (Print, Online exam with a registered proctor)

Certification FeeNone

Instructor RequirementsRegistered ServSafe Instructor

Code requirementBy 1/1/2010 at least one person in charge in a Risk 3 or Risk 4 establishment shall be a certified food protection manager who has shown proficiency of required information through obtaining a food safety certificate by passing a food safety certification examination administered by an accredited certifying program recognized by the Conference for Food Protection. For multiple permitted establishments within one physical structure and under the same operation ownership, such as multiple departments within one retail grocery store, the permit holder or their designee may be any one person with supervisory authority over any department.

Hours of InstructionNone, exam-based certification

Certification RenewalBegining 1/1/2010 - 5 years

MiscellaneousThe 2 point bonus on an inspection to a facility that has a certified food safety manager on staff ends 12-31-2009. Beginning 12-31-2009 there will be 5 points deducted if no certification.