What Is ServSafe Workplace?

ServSafe Workplace Icon  What is servsafe workplace?

ServSafe Workplace is a comprehensive suite of training programs rooted in the cultural and social issues affecting today’s restaurant and hospitality work environments. This new product line focuses on mitigation and management of issues associated with the work and safety of employees and will assist in strengthening every establishment’s stance against harassment in the workplace.

ServSafe Workplace equips employees and managers with training to help manage emerging risks and advance the positive culture of the foodservice and hospitality industries. These programs will combine online training to create consistent messaging, while providing additional free resources such as breakroom posters, videos, and discussion guides to reinforce key training points.


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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Restaurants

Learn what sexual harassment is, how it impacts all workers, and how to respond in ways that enforce a safe work environment.

Understanding Unconscious Bias in Restaurants

An interactive program that sheds light on the existence of unconscious bias, the impact on individuals and the workplace.

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