Louisiana State Food Safety Requirement Summary


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Servsafe approvalServSafe is an approved program in the state (Print, CD-ROM, On-line with a registered instructor/proctor)

Certification Fee$25

Instructor RequirementsInstructor has to be approved through the state of Louisiana and have obtained the state of Louisiana sealed certificate. Applicants must complete the following and obtain approval prior to conducting food safety training in Louisiana. Please submit with all required documentation to DHH/OPH Center for Environmental Health Services. 1. A Food Safety Certification Program application. 2. A Food Safety Instructor application.

Code requirementOne certified manager is required per establishment, certification program requires the passing of a CFP exam.

Hours of InstructionMinimum of 8 hours ( 6 hours of training and 2 hours of testing)

Certification RenewalEvery 5 years.

MiscellaneousWhen taking course online an instructor has to be approved by the state of Louisiana and received sealed certificate. Current Exemptions: Nursing Homes, Schools (Public, Private and Parochial), Elderly Nutrition MEal sites which do not prepare meals. Daycare centers receive a mandatory 1 hour of food safety training per year through DHH/OPH Maternal and Child Health.