New Jersey State Food Safety Requirement Summary


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JurisdictionNew Jersey

Servsafe approvalYes (Print, on-line exam with a proctor)

Certification FeeFees may vary per jurisdiction

Instructor RequirementsRegistered ServSafe Instructor

Code requirementBy 1/2/2010 -mandatory on a state level at least one person in charge in Risk Type 3 Food Establishment shall be a certified food protection manager who has shown proficiency of required information through obtaining a food safety certificate by passing a food safety certification examination administered by an accredited certifying program recognized by the Conference for Food Protection.

Hours of InstructionNone, Exam Based Certification

Certification Renewal5 years

MiscellaneousRisk type 3 means any retail food establishment that: Has an extensive menu which requires the handling of raw ingredients; and is involved in the complex preparation of menu items that includes the cooking, cooling, and reheating of at least three or more potentially hazardous foods; or Prepares and serves potentially hazardous foods including the extensive handling of raw ingredients; and whose primary service population is a highly susceptible population. Such establishments may include, but are not limited to, full service restaurants, diners, commissaries, and catering operations; or hospitals, nursing homes, and preschools preparing and serving potentially hazardous foods.