Pennsylvania State Food Safety Requirement Summary


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Servsafe approvalServSafe is an approved program in the state (Print/online, Online exam with a proctor [Trainees must ensure that they view the PowerPoint presentation created by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to make sure they receive credit for training.])

Certification FeeVary

Instructor RequirementsNeed to become an instructor through the state

Code requirementOne certified food protection manager required per facility and accessible at all times during facility operation hours. After 1/22/11 PA Dept of Argriculture will no longer issue food employee certificates however existing certificates will still be honored as reguirement of the law until it expires.

Hours of InstructionApplicants must complete the training and recertification requirements prescribed in the approved food safety course utilized

Certification RenewalEvery 5 years.

Miscellaneous(Local jurisdictions may have additional requirements). New employees will have 90 days from starting employment to become certified. The online exam is now approved for use in the state. For additional information contact PA Dept for Agriculture.