ServSafe - Conference For Food Protection Standards Update

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Conference For Food Protection Standards Update

The Conference for Food Protection recently made changes to the standards that the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Program must meet to remain accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

These changes were part of a resolution that improves exam security and allows instructors to still be proctors. The effectiveness of these security improvements will be measured over the next few years and if they are not sufficiently effective in improving security, then the industry will again be faced with potentially having to separate the instructor and proctor roles. In order to avoid that outcome, we are committed to working with you by providing the necessary tools and information in order to ensure standardized and secure exam administration.

The Conference for Food Protection Standards for Food Protection Manager Certification Programs were amended in April, 2012 and include the following changes that will impact ServSafe Instructors and Proctors:

  • Proctor status must be renewed every 3 years. There must be a tutorial and test to assess proctors are knowledgeable in their role and responsibilities.
  • Proctors and the National Restaurant Association (NRA) may not have any association with an organization/person that directly or indirectly claims to guarantee passing the exam. Any organization or person that makes such a claim will not be allowed to proctor exams.
  • When the role of instructor is relinquished to serve in the role of exam proctor, proctors are acting solely as a representative agent of the National Restaurant Association.
  • There are provisions related to what information must be provided in the script that is read prior to exam administration. The new “Read Before Exam” script is now available for your use.
  • Exam booklets must be secure on all sides. Additional security features will soon be added to the ServSafe Exam booklets.

The remaining changes to the Standards primarily impact the NRA internally and most of those changes have already been made or are in progress.

We thank you for your assistance in ensuring our full compliance with these new standards. Should you have any questions about the Conference for Food Protection or these changes, please contact the Service Center.


If for some reason you need to retake the instructor exam, please rewatch the tutorial. Start the instructor tutorial

Should you have any questions about the Conference for Food Protection or these changes, please contact the Service Center.