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The Responsible Vendor Program educates vendors and their employees and customers about selling, serving, and consuming beverage alcohol, tobacco and tobacco products and to aid them in preventing the misuse, illegal use, and abuse of alcohol.

Any employee of a vendor authorized to sell or serve beverage alcohol in the normal course of his or her employment or deals with customers who purchase or consume beverage alcohol must successfully attend and pass a Responsible Vendor training course and obtain a Responsible Vendor Server Permit from an approved Responsible Vendor Provider within 45 days of the first day of employment.

LA Server Permits are valid for a period of four years from the completion of an approved alcohol training course. Every server permit shall expire on the last day of the month, four years after the month that the server successfully completed the alcohol server education course.

To renew a LA Server Permit, the server shall again attend and successfully pass an alcohol server's education course and examination given by an approved provider. Servers must attend an approved alcohol training course every four years.

When working, servers must carry the LA Server Permit with one legal picture identification.

ServSafe Alcohol® for Louisiana Online

The ServSafe Alcohol for Louisiana online course is approved by the Louisiana Office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control and the Responsible Vendor Board. You will receive a ServSafe Alcohol Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the ServSafe Alcohol for Louisiana Online Course and Exam. This Certificate of Completion will serve as proof of training until your LA Server Permit is available to view and download from the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, 7 to 10 business days afer you pass the exam.

The ServSafe Alcohol program prepares clerks, cashiers, bartenders, servers, hosts, bussers, valets, security and all front-of-house staff to effectively and safely handle difficult situations related to the sale and service of alcohol. The ServSafe Alcohol training and certification program will teach you to effectively do the following:

  • Understand Louisiana alcohol laws and responsibilities    
  • Understand the effects of alcohol
  • Evaluate intoxication levels
  • Check identification
  • Deal with difficult situations