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Food service involves many risks, especially when dealing with allergens. Prepare yourself to handle these risks with responsible allergen training from a trusted and experienced source, the National Restaurant Association.

Getting the Help You Need

Everyone facing the challenges of food allergies can now find helpful tips for managing their allergies as well as a variety of other resources at the ServSafe Home Food Safety website.

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ServSafe is dedicated to make restaurant dining safer for the 15 million Americans coping with food allergies. We are providing restaurant personnel with evidence-based education, training and resources.

Allergens Affect Our Entire Community.

Food allergies affect a growing number of children each year, which means their family and friends are also affected. Fortunately, there is a lot of helpful information and many resources available to manage this potentially dangerous condition. And we can help you find them.

Community Resources

Whether you are a parent of someone with a food allergy, have one yourself or work in the restaurant and foodservice industry, learning about food allergies, their causes, symptoms and treatment is important. Fortunately it’s easy to find useful, up-to-date and actionable information - just go to our ServSafe at Home website.
On this site, you will find ways to stay safe and comfortable in your home as well as what you can do to prepare yourself or your child when out in public. There are simple precautions to take when going to school, eating out in restaurants or flying on airplanes.

Government Resources

There are also numerous government agencies working to improve safety and awareness through new regulations, better food labeling and closer monitoring of food manufacturing, processing and packaging.


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