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When choosing your course and assessment packet, make sure it corresponds to the state you will be working in. Depending on your state's specific requirements, you may be able to take the course and assessment online, or you may need to do it in a proctor's presence.

Or learn in-person

You also have the option of finding one of our instructors to help you through the course. Simply choose the correct packet, pay with your credit card, and save the electronic receipt of your purchase because you will need the voucher code to access the course.

Course Details

Length of Course

Approximately 60 to 90 minutes of instruction. Online modules can vary in length. Be sure to use our system check to ensure your computer is compatible with the course materials prior to beginning any online components.

Beginning the Course

After purchasing the course or having it assigned to your ServSafe User ID, you can simply select "Launch" from the "Take My Course" page. If a course key was assigned to you, simply enter that key on the same page in the designated area.


The ServSafe Food Handler program is comprehensive and provides training on the following Intended Learning Outcomes: Basic Food Safety, Personal Hygiene, Cross-Contamination and Allergens, Time & Temperature, & Cleaning and Sanitation. You must complete each of these sections before the assessment is made available

"Job Specific Section"

Note: There is an optional "job specific" section that your manager may want you to complete. Please ask your manager before taking the assessment. We would advise checking with them directly before beginning.

Course Expiration

You will have 12 months from date of purchase to begin the course. Once started, however, the course will expire 60 days after it is started.

Languages Offered

This course is offered in both English and Spanish. If you feel the need, you can switch languages anytime without losing your progress.

Exam Details

Length of Exam

The ServSafe Food Handler assessment is a 40-question, non-proctored test. It has no time limit, meaning test-takers may complete at their own pace. On average, test-takers work through the exam within 90 minutes.

Passing Grade

Students must achieve at least a 75% score to receive the ServSafe Food Handler Certificate of Achievement, signifying that they successfully earned a certificate.

Allowable Attempts

You are allowed 3 attempts to pass the assessment. If the assessment is not passed after the 3rd attempt, you must purchase a new course. Once you pass the assessment, both the course and assessment will close.

Cost of Registration

A certificate is available upon succesfully passing the assessment. *Note: some jurisdictions have special regulations and the required passing score may vary.

5 Steps

Check Requirements

Check state and local regulatory information and your organization’s policies to determine your training needs.

Log in at

Enter your username and password.

Select a Course

In your Course Management screen, select the Course Activities tab. From the dropdown menu, choose the course you’d like to assign.

Select Assign Course

Under Management Options, select how you want to assign the course. You have 3 options: Enter the information type you selected in Step 4 and click Assign.

Track Students

To track your students’ progress, select the Track Students tab under Management Options.

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