Why Become an Instructor/Proctor?

Our instructors and proctors are experienced professionals from all segments of the foodservice industry. You offer students training from experts in food safety education and alcohol training.


Ready to become or continue being a Certified ServSafe® Instructor, Registered ServSafe® Proctor, Approved ServSafe Alcohol® Instructor, and/or Registered ServSafe Alcohol® Online Proctor?

Instructor/Proctor Support Materials

The National Restaurant Association offers these supplemental materials to help you teach and administer your ServSafe® Food Safety and ServSafe Alcohol® courses and examinations.

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Teach ServSafe training materials and administer print and online exams as a Certified ServSafe Instructor and Proctor

Exam Activities

Schedule exam sessions, view student exam scores, check exam session statuses and more!

Market Services

ServSafe® Food and Alcohol Instructors and Proctors can use these tools to promote services to the public.


ServSafe Instructors and Proctors have access to current, easy-to-use materials as well as support from the National Restaurant Association and food and alcohol safety professionals

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