Instructors/Proctors Class Adversiting Policies

In order to provide the highest quality service to our students and ensure they are able to quickly and easily find a class that fits their needs, the information posted on the Find a Class/Instructor section must abide by the terms and conditions provided by National Restaurant Association Solutions (NRA Solutions).

Terms and Conditions:

This standardized format is used for all entries and cannot be manipulated by HTML. The information entered in the required fields must follow the criteria as listed below.

  • "First Name" and "Last Name" fields are for the Instructor and/or Proctor's name only.
  • "Company Name" is the company that the Instructor or Proctor represents. This needs to be the legal name or the DBA name only.
  • Contact information can be provided in the form of a telephone number and/or email address. These fields are for the direct contact information for Instructors and/or Proctors only.
  • Website information is for the company or personal website that the Instructor/Proctor represents. The information provided must be limited to a single web address (i.e.,
  • Class and exam information needs to be selected according to what the Instructor/Proctor is able to provide. The country, state, language, and type of class are specific search options for possible examinees. The search must be limited to what is available by each Instructor/Proctor and his or her ability to provide the listed training or exam administration in that state, on that date, at that location. Please note that all proctored exam sessions require a Proctor's physical presence at the place of testing.
  • Class postings should list a specific date, exam location address and time of the class and/or exam. The Instructor/Proctor must be able to provide the services as advertised for each individual posting, on the advertised date, at that advertised location.
  • All Instructor/Proctors’ may advertise at a minimum 8 classes, per month, per program (ServSafe Food, ServSafe Alcohol) at any given time. Additionally, Instructor/Proctors may advertise their YTD monthly average of exam sessions administered, plus 20% (for example if January through July you average 10 exam sessions actually administered per month, you would be able to advertise 12 classes a month). The maximum someone can advertise is one per day or 28-31 per month, depending on the month and contingent upon the average number of Exam Sessions they’ve actually administered YTD.
  • Examples of what cannot be posted include, but are not limited to: proclamations of any type i.e. guarantees of passing score or pass rate, logos,ads determined to be providing misleading information, or advertising anything other than ServSafe course or exams.
  • Any Instructor/Proctor that deviates, at any time, from the above standards is subject, but not limited to:
    • Notification of the violation with a timeframe for its removal
    • Suspension of “Advertising” rights
    • Revocation of “Advertising” rights
    • Immediate removal of Advertisement(s) with no prior notice
  • NRA Solutions reserves the right enforce the Advertising Policies and to delete or modify postings at anytime without prior notice to the Instructor/Proctor.
  • Your use of these Find a Class or Instructor Ad services indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Additionally, by applying as a Certified ServSafe Instructor and/or Registered ServSafe Proctor you committed to National Restaurant Association Solutions, LLC that you will follow all Instructor/Proctor standards and that you agree and accept all the conditions and requirements stated herein.

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