Choosing the Right Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Your Restaurant Employees

Choosing the Right Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Your Restaurant Employees

You want sexual harassment prevention training that meets state regulations and is effective for your restaurant employees. ServSafe Workplace does both.

This year, New York State enacted new workplace harassment protections that require all workers to undergo sexual harassment prevention training. The training deadline is just a few weeks away! 

Among the new requirements, workers must be trained annually.  New employees should be trained as early as possible, as you, the owner, are liable for their actions from date of hire.   

“All employees in New York State must complete Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by October 9, 2019, and retrain on an annual basis,” says Melissa Autilio Fleischut, President and CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association. “The New York State Restaurant Association supports this effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees. Creating a positive workplace doesn’t just protect your business; it can help reduce employee turnover by fostering a better culture and creating a more enjoyable environment for both employees and guests.”

Businesses still looking for training to meet the requirements should consider the following factors when choosing a program. (Spoiler Alert: We have a solution for you and it’s easy to implement!)


How will you show proof of training?

The responsibility of tracking and documenting training falls on the employer. In New York City, employers are required to maintain records of completion for each employee for three years. With some training programs, learners get only a certificate of completion at the end of the course – but there is no other way to track their completion. Trying to track and maintain individual certificates is going to create a significant challenge for businesses with more than a handful of employees.

Instead, look for training that does the work of tracking and maintaining records of completion for you. Larger businesses may consider a hosted solution that allows you to integrate training into your own LMS.


How easy will it be for my employees to complete the training?

Restaurant employees don’t sit at a desk to work. They are in the kitchen, taking care of guests, running the register, cleaning tables, and generally on the go. A training program that requires completion in a single sitting is probably not going to be manageable.

Consider a program that is more flexible and allows learners the ability to access the training wherever and whenever it’s convenient. Bite sized content in training programs and navigation that tracks learner progress means employees can fit in training whenever time permits.


Is this training going to effectively help prevent sexual harassment?

The most effective employee training is specific to the industry they work in. Scenarios set in offices, warehouses, schools, etc., are not likely to resonate with employees working in restaurants. Your employees are much more likely to engage with training that is set in the context of their own workplace and relevant to their own experience.   For businesses that are focused on preventing sexual harassment and who want to maintain a positive brand and reputation, restaurant-specific training will be more relevant, more engaging, and much more effective.


What training is going to meet all of these requirements?

“We are proud to offer ServSafe Workplace NY edition to our members. Its comprehensive sexual harassment prevention training meets the requirements of this mandated training,” Melissa Autilio Fleischut says. “It is hands-down the best training for the hospitality industry, providing real-world examples of situations your employees might encounter from managers, employees, and guests. On top of that, it offers multiple reporting options and is mobile-friendly, allowing us to bring the training directly to our members and their staffs.”

For more information on getting started with ServSafe Workplace’s New York-specific version of Sexual Harassment Prevention training for your employees, please contact our sales team.

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