ServSafe Alcohol Print Supplements and Exams

Print state supplements and exams

Several states require that supplemental information and, in some cases, a state-specific quiz be administered during a responsible alcohol service class.

Instructors are responsible for following any requirements outlined in the state supplements, which may include administering a state-specific quiz at some point during the course. These quizzes should be administered separate from the ServSafe Alcohol Examination and ARE NOT GRADED by the National Restaurant Association.

Instructors conducting a ServSafe Alcohol course in Michigan, Washington or Wisconsin must contact their State Restaurant Association before conducting the course and administering examinations.

Instructors conducting a ServSafe Alcohol Course in Alabama need to use an Alabama specific classroom presentation that has been approved in Alabama. It can be downloaded here:

download state supplements

(To view state supplements in Spanish, click here)



District of Columbia





New York

Rhode Island


South Dakota


Utah State Supplement and Quiz

Utah Quiz Answer Key



washington state

If you plan to teach the ServSafe Alcohol course in the state of Washington, you will need to download the following two workbooks and provide the student workbook to your students.

Washington State Student Workbook

Washington State Trainer Workbook

download state supplements (Spanish)

Disctrict of Columbia (Spanish)

Illinois (Spanish)

Indiana (Spanish)

Maine (Spanish)

Maryland (Spanish)

Michigan (Spanish)

Montana (Spanish)

Nebraska (Spanish)

New York (Spanish)

Oklahoma (Spanish)

Rhode Island (Spanish)

South Dakota (Spanish)

Utah (Spanish)

Virginia (Spanish)

Wisconsin (Spanish)

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